Roy Pacitto works almost 20 years at Bryley Systems

Bryley employees were recently celebrating Roy’s 20th anniversary when someone pointed out that it was a year early.  Since we already had a 20th-year cake, we ate it anyway. Roy, a key member of the management team, started as service manager in 1995. He moved to the sales team in 1997; in the mid-2000s he […]

What is the business case for Windows-Server virtualization?

Windows-Server virtualization, the deployment of a virtual version of a Windows-Server operating environment, is used to reduce hardware costs, gain efficiencies, and improve the availability of computing resources.  It refers to installing a virtual environment onto one or more “virtualized” hardware servers (termed Physical Hosts) and deploying multiple virtual Windows-Server operating systems (termed Virtual Guests) […]

Deploying software systems to manage a growing organization

Most organizations use software to manage at least these items: Accounting – Perform vital bookkeeping and accounting functions Contacts – Organize and manage clients, prospects, vendors, etc. Operations – Match assets to organization’s need on a daily basis In organizations with funding limitations, deployment of a software-based system to manage specific functions often starts as […]

Comparing Cloud-based services (Complete Overview)

Many Cloud-based services fall into one of these categories: Productivity suites – Applications that help you be more productive Storage – Storing, retrieving, and synchronizing files in the Cloud Backup and Recovery – Backing-up data and being able to recover it Prevention – Prevent malware, typically spam and related components Each category is represented below […]

Protect your mobile device

The need to secure newer mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) has grown since they now meet the basic criteria for malicious, cyberspace-based attack: Developer kits are readily available Mobile devices are in widespread use throughout the world Motivation is increasing since usable/saleable data live on these devices In addition, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has […]

Outsourcing IT (Information Technology)

When in doubt, source IT out.  It’s a big topic, but there are many ways to save time, effort, and money by outsourcing some of all of your IT functions. Often, organizations staff IT themselves using one of these techniques: The part-time IT person The full-time IT person The IT team The part-time IT person […]

Ergonomics Made Simple – a brief primer from guest writer Marty Reed

Are you sitting down?  Good! Now ask yourself, how many hours will I be sitting in this chair today??  Wow, that many… Have you ever asked yourself why you have a backache, or your wrists hurt or why the screen is so blurry?  These are all symptoms that your body is not happy with how […]

Bryley Basics: More of Anna’s Windows 8 tips

Those of you running Windows 8 have probably experienced the new Photosapp, which opens the image in the full-screen, hiding everything else on the screen. It is really inconvenient for me, and I am guessing I am not the only one.  Here’s how to change from the default photo-views application in Windows 8, Photos, back […]

Livingstone interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine

Gavin Livingstone, President at Bryley Systems, was interviewed by Lynne Fosse of CEOCFO Magazine, which was published in the 4/28/2014 web-edition. Registered subscribers can see this in-depth overview of Bryley Systems by logging into the Subscriber Exclusives section at  (The article resides at  Or, click the button below to read the article on […]

The problem with Heartbleed

Heartbleed is a much-publicized security flaw in the OpenSSL cryptography library; an update to this OpenSSL flaw was published on April 7th, 2014, which was (coincidentally?) the same day that the flaw was disclosed. OpenSSL runs on secure web servers certified by trusted authorities; it is estimated that about 17% of secure web servers may […]

Living with Windows XP

Microsoft has officially ended general support of Windows XP, but many have not updated or replaced their Windows XP PCs.  Although we recommend against continuing to use Windows XP, particularly in any Internet-facing role, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of remaining on this platform. The easiest, but least […]

Who is winning the smartphone war?

Apple’s iOS phones get a lot of press, but Google’s Android phones own the market while Microsoft’s Windows Phones are showing signs of life. Android owned over 70% of the world-wide smartphone market in 2012 while Apple iOS held just 21%.  According to IDC, a market-research firm in Framingham, MA, Android-based phones accounted for over […]

How to tweak Windows 8 for business use

Anna D, Account Executive at Bryley Systems, reveals how she overcame some frustrations with Windows 8 and set it up for business use. “My experience with Windows 8 started out a little bumpy, but with a few tweaks, I was able to customize the OS (operating system) to be more suitable for my business needs. […]

98% of mobile-device malware attacking Android (DROID) phones

Worldwide, a significant portion of the population owns and uses a smartphone;  mobile users search Google over 5.9 Billion times daily while over 6 Billion hours of YouTube are watched each month on mobile devices.  (Statistics taken from a presentation by Intel Corporation at the MOBILE World Congress 2014.) Since most smartphones are based on […]

Fitness regime for your IT equipment: Keep it clean, cool, and empowered

IT (Information Technology) equipment is somewhat temperamental; it requires reasonable temperatures; stable, uninterrupted power; and some air flow to operate efficiently.  Cleanliness is important.  Here’s how to keep it toned. IT equipment should be kept in a clean, neat, and (preferably) dust-adverse/static-resistant area; walls with painted surfaces, tiled or coated floors without carpeting, etc.  Fire-suppression […]

How To Activate Hardware Encryption On iPhone 3GS And Later

iPhones from 3GS and later offer hardware encryption; it is activated through the data-protection feature by enabling a passcode: 1. Tap Settings > General > Passcode. 2. Follow the prompts to create a passcode. 3. After the passcode is set, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and verify that “Data protection is enabled” […]

Upcoming Event: Business Lawyers Network (BLN) February Meeting – Get into the Cloud!

John Koenig Focused on Business Succession Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 7:30am Topic: “Use Cloud Services to streamline your practice while protecting yourself from external threats” Speaker: Gavin Livingstone, President, Bryley Systems Place: Offices of Brier & Geurden LLP, 160 Gould Street, Ste. 320, Needham, MA (Map) OVERVIEW Everyone is talking about, or taking to […]

Comparing Cloud-based services – Part 3: Backup and Recovery

Many Cloud-based services fall into one of these categories: Productivity suites – Applications that help you be more productive Storage – Storing, retrieving, and synchronizing files in the Cloud Backup and Recovery – Backing-up data and being able to recover it Prevention – Prevent malware, typically spam and related components Search – Find items from […]

CryptoLocker Case Study

The following event depicts a real-life malware attack that infected a New England manufacturing firm. The company has chosen to share its story anonymously to help other businesses avoid a similar fate. The unsuspecting sales rep certainly reacted in a way anyone would expect. He received an email with a voicemail attachment that looked like […]

Bryley Data-Backup Guidelines for 2014

Please note that this document has been depreciated, and a more up to date version can be obtained from our articles page. Bryley Systems is pleased to present our updated Data Backup Guidelines for 2014.  This free guide is updated annually and includes these topics: The Importance of Backups Backup Technologies Cartridge-Based Backups and Scheduling […]