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Up Times

by Bryley · April 2023

Corridor 9/495 Expo

Can you come by?

Bryley’s getting ready for the 2023 Corridor 9/495 Business Expo. Please join Roy and Tom April 4th 4 PM-7 PM at the DoubleTree Hotel, 5400 Computer Dr, Westborough. Registration is free … [1 min. read]

Four-Point IT Systems Quality

Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check

Whatever your cybersecurity paradigm, it’s valuable to have your networked systems checked regularly – you want to make sure what you’re doing is in fact keeping your network protected. An outside audit can bring a new perspective and reveal weaknesses in your system that those who work in it every day may miss. And so Bryley is unveiling its Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check at the Business Expo April … [2 min. read]

Shawn Shaw has a vision for the future

Profile: Camelot Energy Group

You don’t name your company Camelot and its employees the Round Table without a seasoning of hopefulness. Camelot Energy’s CEO Shawn Shaw confesses to seeing a reason for hope in the marriage of economic opportunity and the fair distribution of non-fossil-fuel-derived energy.

However right now there is an imbalance in how non-carbon-based energy is apportioned: for one example, the average household installing rooftop solar in 2021 had a median income ranging from 131% to 168% of the median income of its county … [6 min. read]

Business Continuity Mixtape – Bryley-curated stories from around the internet:

AI LandscapeAs a business manager, what should you tell your people regarding security, proprietary business information and AI? From SANS Institute’s Lance Spitzner: a cyber attacker could record a phone voice message that sounds like you, tricking your co-workers … Any information you share or enter with any AI system can not only be retained and processed by it but also used to give answers to others … Not all AI services are trustworthy … [5 min. read] sans.org

Miulitary kitten

We’re in a war and the Center for Internet Security has outlined the dangers of one-third of Americans being TikTok users: CCP [Chinese Communist Party] holds the authority to drive the app’s recommendation algorithm to “manipulate content” and even use it to subtly conduct “influence operations” … CCP’s propaganda arms who have amassed millions of followers and tens of millions of views by posting divisive content about U.S. politics … the accounts lack clear markers indicating they are China-affiliated. TikTok also, as shown in its privacy policy, collects … preferential psychometric data, which includes attitudes, behaviors, and preferences of a given user … [according to the] Carnegie Endowment for International Peace … the CCP sees data as a critical means to integrate market advantage, national power, and strategic influence as well as to develop machine learning models … [10 min. read] cisecurity.org

HawkDatto reported in January that small- to medium-sized businesses are only doing infrequent or haphazard Security Awareness Training (SAT). Julie Marie Lhanang, Security Awareness Specialist and Corporate Responsibility Officer at Grainger spoke with Bryley partner Barracuda about SAT approaches she employs. These include focusing on what cyberattack tactics they are actually seeing and what’s being seen in their industry. Lhanang said, if you look at risk … the attack surface, you’re going to find gaps that you need people to fill … you need eyes with an understanding of the threat actors and the threats that are out there … [50 min. recorded interview] linkedin.com

Work conversations tend to have no verve before they even start. Turn a dull conversation topic into a conversation that sparks a livelier discussion … The best way for people to get to know you is … in the conversations where your stories come out, the discussions where your personality is unveiled. In preparing for the Business Expo, it’s exciting with possibilities of new connections, but there is accompanying stress, too, from the possibilities of new connections or even seeing familiar faces unexpectedly, ‘what am I gonna say?’ Steven Benbow has tons of questions (how does he think them all up?) that are answers to what to say, so you can keep things interesting to build your relationships – both professional and personal … [3 min. read] https://awkwardsilence.com.au/

Note: The Mixtape section is Bryley’s curated list of external stories. Bryley does not take credit for the content of these stories, nor does it endorse or imply an affiliation with the authors or publications in which they appear.

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