To Help Coordinate Move to New Facility and Deploy New Computer Infrastructure, WRTA Turns to Trusted IT Partner: Bryley Systems

Published: 2017

The Company: Worcester Regional Transit Authority

The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) services the City of Worcester and thirty-six surrounding towns with a bus fleet that includes all-electric buses and many diesel-electric hybrid buses. As the second-largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts, WRTA features a real-time bus arrival information system that includes the latest advancements in communication technologies—with automatic vehicle announcement, locator and monitoring systems as well as dynamic message signs. The organization is operated by Central Mass Transit Management.

The Challenge: Find an IT Partner Who Also Understands the Big Picture

As the buildings that house the buses, the garage, and the computer data center began to age and experience environmental issues, the WRTA planned a major move into a new facility. The servers and the network were also reaching end-of-life status, so the organization decided to upgrade the computer infrastructure at the same time.

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To Support Major Company Expansion, Leaktite Relies on Bryley Systems to Design and Coordinate New IT Infrastructure Deployment

Published: 2017

The Company: Leaktite Corporation

Leaktite Corporation manufactures and distributes metal, plastic and paper containers, buckets, pails and trays for a wide variety of industrial, commercial and consumer applications. From its establishment in 1945, the company has achieved solid growth based on experience and the flexibility to move with the times. Leaktite supports product development with state-of-the-art injection molding and thermoforming production equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.

The Challenge: Deploy an IT Infrastructure to Support a New Facility

Following years of steady growth delivering container products to large retailers and small hardware stores across the U.S., Leaktite Corporation determined the time had arrived to expand its operations. The Massachusetts firm ships about one-third of its products beyond the Rocky Mountains, and considering how much volume that buckets, pails and trays take up, shipping costs were beginning to increase rapidly.

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Ruland Manufacturing Finds Comfort and Trust Outsourcing IT Services to Bryley Systems

Published: 2016

The Company: Ruland Manufacturing

Established in 1937, Ruland Manufacturing designs and manufactures high-performing shaft collars and couplings. Innovation is a hallmark of the company as Ruland continuously refines its proprietary processes such as special surface treatments, anti-vibration coupling hardware and precision honing. In recent years, the company expanded its product line and added metric rigid couplings, step bore rigid couplings, and motion control couplings. All products are carefully manufactured under strict controls in Ruland’s Marlboro, Massachusetts factory.

The Challenge: Staffing Sufficient Expertise to Manage IT

The transition started when the internal IT administrator supporting the Ruland Manufacturing IT network and end users decided to pursue another job opportunity. That’s when company president William Hewitson decided to consider a whole new model for managing and maintaining IT systems.

“We traditionally handled IT in-house, but with all the ever-evolving technologies, it was challenging to hire and retain people with the experience to properly maintain our systems,” Hewitson says. “It’s difficult for a company of our size to attract high-end technical resources and keep them interested in supporting our environment.”

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Virtual CTO Helps Ensure Fourstar Connections Continuously Meets Customer Needs

Published: 2015

Since 1986, Fourstar Connections has offered comprehensive solutions to tackle a wide range of manufacturing needs. The company partners with leading companies to find better ways for designing and producing products—from cable assemblies to complex box builds—and then quickly ramps up to meet target dates and volume requirements. The Fourstar 28,000-square-foot corporate headquarters—with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility— is located in Massachusetts. The company also operates affiliate manufacturing plants in Mexico and China.

The Challenges: Prevent System Downtime and Forecast Future Technology Needs

The server running the Fourstar Connections primary operations software—the Sage 100 ERP manufacturing module—nearly crashed one day due to reaching its computing capacity. Realizing how close the company came to shutting down operations, President and Owner Phil Holman knew the time had arrived to advance the relationship with its IT solution provider, Bryley Systems.

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Bryley — CryptoLocker Remediation — 2013

Published: 2013

The following event depicts a real-life malware attack that infected a New England manufacturing firm. The company has chosen to share its story anonymously to help other businesses avoid a similar fate.

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Bryley stabilizes technology platform at Worcester Regional Transit Authority

Published: 2012

The Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) service area includes over half a million in population and is the second-largest regional transit authority in Massachusetts, serving 35 communities. WRTA maintains a fleet of 47 buses including four clean diesel-electric hybrid buses for 23 fixed routes in Worcester and 10 surrounding communities. WRTA also provides para-transit and special services for elderly and disabled passengers. The organization is a state-run agency, and as mandated by federal law, is operated by a private company—RTA Transit Services, Inc.

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Bryley supports local manufacturer; allows them to focus on core business

Published: 2012

The Company: Built-Rite Tool & Die

A custom mold-making and design firm founded in 1984, Built-Rite Tool & Die is the corporate parent and driving force behind its Reliance Engineering and the LSR Engineering divisions. Built-Rite hires highly-skilled engineers, designers, and mold makers to execute demanding design challenges. The company is a leader in the manufacturing of precision molds for the liquid-injection molding of liquid silicone rubber and injection molding of thermoplastics as well as thermosets, compression and transfer molding of thermoset plastic materials.

The Challenge: Improve Network Performance without Diverting Internal Resources

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