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MSP 501 2021Bryley Systems Named to 2021 Channel Futures MSP 501

The MSP 501 designation is an IT industry signifier that recognizes best-in-class operational efficiency and business models. The MSP 501 award is a sixty point, independent audit verifying that Bryley is a fit and stable operation from which to provide its clients dependable business continuity … [2 min. read]

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MicroscopeWhy Don’t Businesses Do Network Assessments?

Too often network assessments land hard at the bottom of a to-do list as each day’s urgencies move unrelenting to the top of our attentions.

Or a network assessment – accounting for and understanding the access and role(s) of every asset on the network – seems like a painful and slow job. And what is the return for all the effort? … [5 minute read]

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Mix TapeTech News Mixtape

Stories at the intersection of business and technology

A well-organized ransomware syndicate’s playbook, including training for new recruits, has apparently been leaked. “The playbook gives an insight into the operations … from searching for company revenue to methods of exfiltrating data. It shows [them] operating on a standard set of procedures [with] solid documentation and knowledge of how to wage widespread ransomware campaigns,” said Bryley partner Cisco’s Nick Biasini …

“Emails are still the most efficient method to deliver and propagate ransomware … web browsing is the second most common entry vector,” according to new research from Palo Alto Networks. Their data show ransomware is delivered via email over seventy percent of the time …

Bryley partner Microsoft is among eighteen cybersecurity companies selected to work with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop Zero Trust designs for federal agencies. Zero Trust is a way of operating that assumes an organization has already been hacked. It acknowledges data needs to be protected both within and without the network and across managed and unmanaged devices …

Don’t forget usernames! A lot of attention is rightly put on securing passwords, but usernames are another and vulnerable security factor to consider. “The exposure of a person’s username … can trigger a cascade of security failures.” It’s another reason to use a password manager, as it can store unique usernames, too …

Want to gain trust in your organization in a time of hybrid work and more sensitive data in the Cloud? Consultancy Deloitte recommends taking a good look into your cybersecurity basics. Such foundational things include “patching systems to address vulnerabilities that could lead to ransomware attacks, enabling multifactor authentication, leveraging virtual private networks, and training people to be watchful for possible phishing emails” …

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