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Up Times

by Bryley · March 2023


A Few Minutes with Patrick, Field Tech

You have to provide moral support and technical support at the same time

I like troubleshooting computers. I like fixing issues. I’ve been tinkering with computers my whole life basically. I grew up with Windows 98 and early Macs. I’ve been doing it so long, working on computers seems to come naturally to me

Patrick started with Bryley in September 2021 and is working at his A+ and Network+ certificates with a vision to achieving an engineering degree … [5 min. read]

Your own personal marbles

Your Own Personal World Backup Day

Not hobbled by a natural emergency, an employee error or cyberattack – or at least not disrupted for long, that’s what Bryley means by your business’ continuity.

To achieve business continuity, Bryley advocates a layered approach to networking. But backup remains the heart, the most essential part, of business continuity.

Bryley is regularly recognized by its clients for its calmness in difficult circumstances. But it’s no great mystery what’s partly at the back of us bringing that attitude: we know that we have multiple tested, monitored ways of recovering data. So how about you? [6 min. read]

Cybersecurity webinar

Feb. 2 Cybersecurity Webinar Now Available On-Demand

Because of its relative wealth, our New England region is hard-hit by cyberattacks.

In this Feb. 2, 2023-recorded webinar Bryley VP Roy Pacitto brings examples Bryley’s encountered of Business Email Compromise (this is when names and addresses you trust are spoofed to get you to divulge information, sometimes, as Roy demonstrates, into transferring funds).

Bryley President Garin Livingstone shows steps you can take to protect your business from the rise in ransomware incidents. [one-hour, previously-recorded, Zoom seminar]

Business Continuity Mixtape – Bryley-curated stories from around the internet:

sledge hammer
Thomas Vartanian thinks if we’re looking to the government, we’re looking in the wrong place to fix internet insecurity. The business community is going to [fix it] when the profits from doing business on the internet are dwarfed by the expenses of vulnerabilities. The internet wasn’t made for financial transactions or privacy. Vartanian makes a case to restart our connectivity with our current needs in mind … [50 min. podcast] thechrisvossshow.com

ChatGPT may not complyDue to banking industry regulations, JP Morgan has stopped its employees from using ChatGPT. The risks of using the unvetted, third-party software include the possibility of employees disclosing sensitive information to the artificial learning engine … [4 min. read] cnn.com

Shield coming back togetherJamil Farshchi was brought into Equifax as Chief Information Security Officer following its cybersecurity breach (the US’ largest-cost ever). In this interview Farshchi describes what it takes to get through a crisis and make a cybersecurity-first culture. Some of his thoughts:
The goal isn’t perfection … the goal is to be able to instill confidence in people that it’s not going to be pure chaos anymore, that we have a path.

Looking at the organizational structure is a really strong sign of what’s important to a company … on the other hand, I’ve seen organizations where they conduct annual enterprise risk assessments and no one really cares about them. It’s a once-a-year checkbox, and they just go through the motions. That’s a weak risk culture.

You don’t necessarily have to be on the bleeding edge to mitigate the vast majority of your risk. You just need to do the basics really well … [10 min. read] strategy-business.com

Beware the foxIn one recent report, ransomware was shown to be less costly in 2022 compared to the year before. While that’s encouraging, that doesn’t mean the threat is any less real, disruptive and developing. Wouldn’t an enemy prefer us to be complacent? [7 min. read] intelligentcio.com

Voicemail conversation

Bryley partner Barracuda’s what-we-learned-in-2022 report describes rising threats including the use of deepfake Artificial Intelligence that supercharges Business Email Compromise (BEC). There’s a current BEC scam that uses legitimate Microsoft survey software to send a Microsoft-branded support voicemail message, but the link contained inside brings you to a fraudulent look-alike Microsoft site set-up to steal your credentials … [5 min. read] barracuda.com

Note: The Mixtape section is Bryley’s curated list of external stories. Bryley does not take credit for the content of these stories, nor does it endorse or imply an affiliation with the authors or publications in which they appear.

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