Who is winning the smartphone war?

Apple’s iOS phones get a lot of press, but Google’s Android phones own the market while Microsoft’s Windows Phones are showing signs of life.

Android owned over 70% of the world-wide smartphone market in 2012 while Apple iOS held just 21%.  According to IDC, a market-research firm in Framingham, MA, Android-based phones accounted for over 80% of the smartphone market world-wide as of Q3-2013, while market share of iOS-based phones declined.  (Visit http://www.idc.com for IDC’s report on the smartphone market as of Q3-2013.)

Items fueling Android’s dominance over iOS include:

  • More hardware options (from small, sleek phones to mid-sized Phablets)
  • Carrier access (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • Open-source operating system
  • Price

See why eWeek says that Google’s Android is a smarter choice than Apple’s iOS at http://www.eweek.com/mobile/slideshows/android-is-a-smarter-mobile-os-choice-than-ios-10-reasons-why/?kc=EWWHNEMNL03182013STR1.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone accounted for 3% of the worldwide smartphone market in 2012 and edged up to just under 5% as of Q3-2013.  Market share of Windows Phone is projected to grow to 7% by 2018 (according to IDC).  Jeffrey Schwartz of Redmond Magazine reports that most of this is corporate IT rather than consumer-based.  (See Jeffrey Schwartz’s article at http://redmondmag.com/blogs/the-schwartz-report/2014/02/enterprise-demand-for-windows-phone.aspx.)