Bryley Information & Tips · April 2021

CloudsLost in the Clouds

The functioning, intellectual property and reputation of your organization – and so its survival – depend on your ability to bounce back from an incident with the help of backed-up data. This is why you need a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery solution that does not neglect backing-up your cloud-based data … [5 min. read]

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Phishing clickJust a Click Away

An email with an intriguing subject line shows up in your inbox. You click on it because you’re curious and the sender seems trustworthy. This is how most cyberattacks begin … [7 min. read]

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Earth DayEarth Day

Bryley employees decided to make pledges on Earth Day. The pledges were to indicate a commitment to a behavior that an individual intends to do throughout the year. Among this year’s pledges were:

to always carry and use a reusable bag
to use a reusable lunch bag
to stop using plastic utensils when I’m on the go
to pick up trash on my street when out walking
to compost
to be a citizen scientist; to document air quality and other requests of the lead scientists
to cold brew coffee in large batches to not have to use the coffee maker
to turn off my router and entertainment center every night

You can visit to get ideas and commit to doing something better for the planet.

Mix TapeTech News Mixtape

Stories at the intersection of business and technology

Dark Reading reports a quadrupling of attacks on SaaS targets due at least in part on their increased deployment during the pandemic. “Wherever there was data density, we started seeing ransomware go: Customer Relationship Management tools, backup services, remote access services … call it the work-from-home tech frenzy.”

There’s been a rise in a modification of ransomware. Extortionware is when damaging information is threatened to be shared with interested parties if a demand is not met. Russian hackers hit the DC Police this week with threats to alert gangs about who are the informants.

SaaS, IaaS or PaaS? Glad You Asked! Not news, but a handy breakdown of the terminology on three common models for cloud-based services …

Password reuse is the single biggest enabler of account hijacks. So even though no passwords were breached here, users are well advised to change their passwords and to ensure that they have not reused a password on Facebook that they use elsewhere. With email addresses in hand, attackers can match those addresses against breaches which do include passwords and then try to crack other sites.

Note: The Tech News Mixtape section is Bryley’s curated list of external stories – stories on the internet that we found helpful. Bryley does not take credit for the content of these stories, nor does it endorse or imply an affiliation with the authors or publications in which they appear.

Is This the Year You Take Cybersecurity Seriously?

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