Jim Livingstone Retires

Jim Livingstone officially retired from Bryley Systems; he was a dedicated and highly productive employee for over 22 years. After a distinguished career in Engineering, Jim moved his family to Massachusetts in the early 1970s to run Data Technology, Inc., which he later purchased and grew before spinning off a new company, RoMec Inc. in […]

Bryley Basics: Getting you informed in 100 words or less

Tips on email attachments Most folk send attachments with their emails; it is a quick, easy way to share a file with the email recipient.  However, attachments can have a negative impact on your computer-network infrastructure: Emails saved with attachments consume storage. Large attachments slow performance and may be rejected by the provider. Attachments copied […]

Security concern with popular, home-based, Internet routers

Independent Security Evaluators, a Baltimore-based security firm, stated that 13 Internet routers sold for home use were vulnerable to attack if the hacker had network access and could obtain the username and password of the router.  These routers include: Linksys WRT310v2 Netgear’s WNDR4700 TP-Link’s WR1043N Verizon’s FiOS Actiontec MI424WR-GEN3I D-Link’s DIR865L Belkin’s N300, N900 and […]

The (near-term) future of computer technology – Part 1

The crystal ball is somewhat cloudy, but here are my thoughts on user interfaces and their adoption. User interfaces on computing devices Alphabetically, these are the practical computer-interface options we know today: Heads-up Display (HUD) – Military displays have been based on HUD technology for decades.  Basic concept is to provide see-through information that is […]

Bryley Basics: Getting you informed in 100 words or less

WARNING:  Exchange 2003 is not compatible with Microsoft Office 2013 Exchange 2003 was a very popular version of Microsoft’s email server; it was available separately and bundled within Small Business Server 2003.  It’s End-of-Life was in April 2009, but extended support will carry it to April 2014. Microsoft Office 2013, which includes Outlook 2013, does […]

How to protect yourself against cyber threats on an ongoing basis

In part five of his interview with The Cleaning Crew, Bryley Systems President, Gavin Livingstone, discusses how to ensure that you remain protected against cyber threats.  

How a small business can protect their online identity

In part four of his interview with The Cleaning Crew, Bryley Systems Inc. President, Gavin Livingstone, explains some of the steps a small business can take to protect their online identity.

What are the threats associated with cyber security?

In part three of his interview with The Cleaning Crew, Bryley Systems President, Gavin Livingstone, answers the question “what are some of the threats associated with cyber security?”  

Assabet Valley Chamber After-5 — Event a huge success!

I estimate about 50-60 attendees who arrived early (about 4:45pm) and left late (last one out the door at 8pm). Everyone seemed engaged; there were conversations in every nook and corner with people sitting in the comfortable chairs, moving from one area to another, and, generally, having a good time. Thank you to Telly and […]

Bryley Employees in Worcester Business Journal

There have been some changes recently at Bryley, and the Worcester Business Journal has commented: “MICHELLE DENIO has been promoted and JAMES WHEELERand TELLY CASTERNOPOULOS hired at Information technology service provider Bryley Systems of Hudson. Denio was promoted to administrative support technician. She joined Bryley Systems in 2008 and is a resident of Clinton. Wheeler has been hired as […]

Hackers Hijack Email Contacts

Have you received a rogue email from a friend or acquaintance that seems out of character?  For example:  Why is Aunt Mildred calling me “Friend” in her email?  Or, does neighbor Fred really want me to invest in Nigeria? Odds are, their email accounts – particularly if located at online services like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, […]

Simple passwords = disaster

The top five end-user passwords from 2012 were: password (yes, the actual word itself) 123456 12345678 abc123 qwerty (top-left keys on your keyboard below the numbers)   The top three in this list, “password”, 123456”, and “12345678”, were also the top three passwords in 2011.  Basic analysis:  Most people prefer simple passwords that are easy […]

HP still top PC manufacturer worldwide in a slowing market

Despite internal issues, HP remained the top manufacturer of PCs worldwide in Q4 of 2012 followed by Lenovo (the Chinese firm that purchased IBM’s PC business in 2005) and then Dell. Overall, PC shipments dropped 6.4% from Q4 of 2011. Dan Reisinger of eWeek notes that Q4 of 2012 is the first time in five years […]

Preview into Microsoft Office 2013

In addition to Windows 8, I have also been using Office 2013 over the past few months; I like some things, but not everything: • Excel updates ripple slowly down the page; they seemed to run a bit faster in previous versions. • The top-right Window icons have shifted somewhat; the Minimize icon ( _ […]

Booting Windows 8 into Safe Mode

Safe Mode is useful for diagnosing PC problems. Because Windows 8 starts quickly, you cannot get into Safe Mode by pressing [F8] during the boot-up process (as you could with previous versions of Windows). The new procedure: Go to Settings and then select Power Hold [Shift] and then press Restart to open System Recovery Options Select Troubleshoot […]

$295 Raised for Hudson Charities by Bryley Systems Inc. and Yours for Children, Inc.

Bryley Systems and Yours for Children together raised $295 for the Hudson Food Bank and the Hudson Boys & Girls Club.  The money was generated through a free giveaway of refurbished PCs in exchange for the suggested donation of $35 to either Hudson non-profit organization. With the generous contribution of 9 used PCs by Yours […]

Job Promotion at Bryley Systems

I am very pleased to announce that Michelle Denio has been promoted to the position of Administrative Support Technician. Michelle is a key member of Bryley’s Technical Service Department and with this new expanded role she will be able to use her expertise and knowledge of Bryley’s clients to everyone’s advantage.   Congratulations!!!!   Hudson Sun

Why business users might consider an Ultrabook over a Tablet.

It seems that tablet computers are in the news daily, from Apple’s iPad (iOS) to Microsoft’s Surface (Windows RT) to Samsung’s Galaxy (Droid).  I like a tablet for viewing, but typing on a bare tablet is not the same as using a full keyboard.  Also, compatibility with office-productivity applications is limited on most tablets. Ultrabooks […]

System Builders Await Surface’s Impact

Gavin Livingstone, President of Bryley Systems, talks to Channel Pro Networkabout Microsoft’s Surface tablet.  Read the full article System Builders Await Surface’s Impact

Garin Livingstone Passes his Windows 7 Exam!

Congrats Garin Livingstone, Bryley Systems Senior Tech, for successfully completing and passing your Windows 7 configuring class and test!!!