Why are QR codes failing?

Why are QR codes failing?

QR (Quick Response) codes were developed over 20 years ago to track goods and inventory, but are now a marketing technique targeted at on-the-go cellphone users to easily receive information and promotions.  However, only 19% of US cellphones have ever tracked a QR code; plus, most QR codes are scanned at home, usually from a magazine or newspaper.

Problems with QR codes:

  • They are typically displayed improperly and lack consumer enticement
  • They just aren’t that easy to use; they take time and effort to scan

It’s not too late for QR codes, but here are some things that need to change:

  • Advertisers should place QR codes in easy-to-retrieve locations
  • QR-code messaging must include immediate, useful benefits
  • QR-code scanners need to become easy-to-use

Invoke media posted http://www.invokemedia.com/qr-codes-why-they-are-failing-and-what-the-future-holds/ (article no longer appears to be available) to review QR code use on their site, The Blog; they also point out that Mobile Visual Search (MVS), a newer technology that responds with relevant options based on a picture, could work with or even replace QR codes.