We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to Geary at USI!  You’ve won the drawing for “Roy’s Almost 20th!”

For those who may have missed the news, Roy Pacitto, our Director of Sales, has been an employee at Bryley Systems for nearly 20 years!  Since we tend to get excited about this sort of thing, we decided to have a little celebration in honor of his many years of service, only to realize that Roy hadn’t actually finished his 20th year yet.  By this point, however, the drinks were already open, the cake was already out, and we were already assembled, so we decided to go ahead and celebrate Roy’s (almost) 20th anyway.

It was about this time that we made another realization.  Over the past (almost) 20 years, Roy has come to know a lot of people, and we wanted to get all of you in on the celebration as well.  As a result, we put together a little contest in which we hid an image of Roy’s (almost) 20th cake somewhere on our website, and those who found it were entered in a chance to win a $35.00 gift card.

To make a long story short, the contest is over and Geary is our lucky winner!  We hope that you will all join us in congratulating Geary and Roy in their respective achievements.