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Beware of Credit Card Skimmers

A credit card skimmer is a portable capture device that is attached in front of or on top of the legitimate scanner. The skimmer passively records the card data as you insert your credit card into the real scanner. After your information has been recorded, it is usually then sold to other scammers on the […]

Securing your Organization’s Computer System and Company Data

Cybercrime can have severe consequences for organizations that are victimized. “Cyber criminals want your company’s financial data, customer lists, credit card information, intellectual property, and anything else they can sell. Besides the immediate impact on your organizations’ ability to operate (for example, ransomware can shut you down), there are significant costs associated with a data […]

Defining “Virus” – In the World of Computers

There are viruses that can be implanted on a computer today, and lie dormant waiting until a network becomes completely vulnerable before attacking. Unfortunately, viruses have come a long way from 20 years ago. Today we refer to viruses as a specific kind of malware, one that can self-replicate and continue its destructive path indefinitely. […]


Main Street in Hudson was quite busy with production and film crews working hard from the early morning hours until late in the evening for a few days in early May. During the filming of an upcoming movie starring David Spade, in “Who Do You Think Would Win”, downtown Hudson was bustling with excitement – […]

The Value of an MSP Relationship

IT professionals working for an organization are seeing the value of a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) relationship as more positive than ever before. In fact, most organizations who use MSPs typically maintain an IT staff of their own to work together with their MSP. There are numerous advantages of having a valued MSP. One-Time […]

Be Aware! Avoid Phishing Scams During Tax Season

Let’s face it, tax season is stressful enough without having to contend with increasingly common and sophisticated tax scams. It certainly can be a headache to prepare your taxes, but falling for a tax scam could make it a nightmare. The world is full of people who are ready and willing to take advantage of […]

Sharing Files? Be Cautious.

Let caution be your watchword. More and more organizations are moving to the cloud. And that’s great because it allows your employees to share files easily and efficiently. However, no matter how convenient this technology is, business owners and employees alike should be aware of a few basic security risks and counter-measures. Employees must clearly […]