The Value of an MSP Relationship

IT professionals working for an organization are seeing the value of a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) relationship as more positive than ever before. In fact, most organizations who use MSPs typically maintain an IT staff of their own to work together with their MSP.

There are numerous advantages of having a valued MSP.

One-Time Events are Less Costly and Stressful. Upgrades or installations are often frus­trating because the organization has to go to great expense to send people to training and oftentimes, it is training they’ll only use once. MSPs who have already performed those installations or upgrades can of­ten be swapped into place to execute those tasks which in the long run, saves your organization both time and money.

You are Less Likely to be Short-Handed. Whenever an assigned MSP professional is out for any reason, they are replaced by an equally skilled colleague who has been briefed and trained on your organization’s IT environment. Substitutes can quickly fill in the way you expect them to.

Reliability and Accountability. No longer will a single individual be held responsible for any specific situation. The MSP will own the obligation to resolve any issue quickly and thoroughly. Your regular IT staff can also easily be backfilled in the event of an emergency situation which will reduce stress and the likelihood that a project may not be completed in the event of a regular staff member being ill or having an emergency.

Broader Selection of Skills. Sometimes getting certain IT tasks accomplished requires skills that none of the IT personnel assigned to the company have. In these cases, the MSP can temporar­ily replace assigned personnel with others who do have those needed skills, therefore relieving the pressure to engage a “specialist” to get unusual tasks handled.

Increased Agility. New technologies can be deployed and the value of that technology is appreciated much more rapidly because there is little to no learning curve for employees. When the MSP can fill in the gaps between standard operating procedures and emerging new needs.

Focus on Growth. Often, when compa­nies are growing quickly, they are challenged to find and acquire qualified IT employees to accommodate that growth. This often results in rushing and settling for less-than-ideal candidates. Bringing in additional MSP resources shifts that daunting task to a partner who is far better equipped and qualified to provide the right people with the right skills to keep the company growing.

Technology Decisions Become Independent of HR Issues. Suddenly your organization is free to make major revisions to their chosen platforms without regard for the need to terminate a lot of employees. Instead, you can simply require the MSP to furnish people with the new skill sets.

The supplemental role of your MSP can make many tasks easier when it comes to tactical line employees and their functions.

What happens when something goes wrong near the top of the or­ganization?

For example, what would happen if an executive suddenly left the company? Maybe it’s the CIO who suddenly resigns to go work for a competitor. Or, perhaps the CTO stole valuable customer data and was fired. Scenarios like these examples can leave a gaping hole at the top of an organiza­tion. Who would fill that gap? How quickly can a new CTO or CIO be re­cruited and hired? How long would it take for them to understand the current state of your corporate IT?

A senior engineer at your MSP who has been working with you on your infrastructure can easily and readily step in. They already have a working knowledge of your tech­nology environment, having probably participated in designing much of it. They have the proper skills and experience, along with the full support of the entire MSP team.

In several cases, MSP specialists have been called upon to take con­trol of an IT environment, change all the passwords, lock the offend­ing executive out of all systems and help to escort them out of the company. Usually this senior MSP replacement executive will remain in place until a viable replacement is found, recruited, hired, and trained.

Every employer wants to do their best for the employees that do their best to promote the organization’s growth and success. For those who have thought about bringing in an MSP to reduce IT costs, this has often been a primary concern.

Many high-value employees who were becoming bored in their daily maintenance and support routines have been given new opportuni­ties which have enabled them to make dramatically greater contribu­tions to the company, thus also furthering their own careers.

The role of the MSP in today’s progressive organization is supplemental, and complementary. No longer are MSPs considered vendors who provide ‘bodies’ to perform tasks.

Bryley Systems prides itself on being a truly valued partner to our clients, who engage us to work side-by-side with them and their people to grow their organizations.

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