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Tech Savvy Ideas for Grads, AND Dads!

It’s that time again! Whether you are in the market for a great and fun gift for a graduation or for Father’s Day, read on… If your graduate is finishing high school or departing their college campus with a degree in hand, they deserve a little something for their hard work.  Below are a number […]

Facebook. To Share, or Not To Share.

Last month Facebook appeared in the news for weeks.  Due to a firm by the name of Cambridge Analytica which collected data from 50+ million Facebook users, it is believed that the company supposedly used this information to influence voter behavior during the US presidential election and UK’s Brexit campaign. We all know that Facebook […]

Think Before You Click – Are Short Links Safe?

Short links, or links that have been condensed so they require fewer characters, have been around for a while. For those not already familiar with them, they take a link such as this https://www.bryley.com/2018/04/05/4-options-for-discarding-old-hardware-bryley-tips/, and turn it into this http://ow.ly/SEga50h2XWW.  Typically you see them on social media platforms such as Twitter, where you have a […]

Gavin and Cathy Livingstone, owners of Bryley Systems Inc., Participate in the 2018 Clinton Middle School Science Fair

Gavin and Cathy Livingstone, owners of Bryley Systems Inc., Participate in the 2018 Clinton Middle School Science Fair On April 13th, Bryley Systems was honored to be part of the third annual Clinton Middle School Science Fair.  As members of the Science Fair Committee, Cathy and Gavin Livingstone assisted in the planning and implementation of […]

The Value of a Business Continuity Plan

Depending on the region your organization is located in, disasters can take the form of hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, power outages or severe snow storms. “Roughly 40 to 60 percent of small organizations never reopen their doors following a disaster.  But you can.”   —   fema.gov Imagine hard drives crashing, threats faced from computer viruses, […]

Bryley Basics: Password Protection

Passwords are typically stolen during what’s called a phishing attack. Phishing emails are malicious emails sent by criminals attempting to compromise your personal information. They often appear to be legitimate, so beware! Most phishing emails are disguised as messages from an authoritative entity asking you to visit a website and enter personal information. These websites […]

The Benefit of a VPN

The news is filled with how internet service providers have the ability to track our web surfing habits and the numerous data breaches that occur – it is no secret that online privacy is nearly non-existent.  Private browsing features can temporarily cover up your browsing history, but they do not completely protect your online activities. […]