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How to Dispose of Your Old Cell Phone

If you purchased or received a new smartphone recently, you may be wondering what to do with your previous phone. Only about 10% of our mobile devices are properly recycled. Where do they go? Many remain hidden in a desk drawer or some other forgotten place. More often, they find their way into the trash […]

Best Practices to Keep Computers From Overheating

The cooling system of a computer (the fan, heat sinks, vents, etc.) forms one of the most essential components of your device. “Simply put, if your computer becomes too hot, it is possible to destroy and shorten the lifespan of the hardware inside your computer, leading to irreparable damage and potential data loss. Besides losing […]

Crucial Steps to Take if Your Email Has Been Hacked

Many years ago Yahoo users fell victim to one of the largest data breaches in internet history.  Names, passwords and email addresses for every single customer account on the company’s servers were exposed in a cybersecurity attack.  This attack was very sophisticated – three billion users across multiple services under Yahoo’s umbrella were left vulnerable […]

Don’t Let the Summer Heat Destroy Your Mobile Devices

As much as we all enjoy outdoor activities that go along with those “lazy days of summer”, we are always reminded to stay hydrated, use sunscreen, avoid too much physical activity during peak hours, etc.   But, what about our precious mobile devices?  Are they being protected from the heat? Here are a few things to […]

Scam Alert – Beware!

The Consumer Federal Trade Commission has recently released a scam alert. “Have you received a robocall at work, telling you that you have to take action or your Google business listing will be removed? Or maybe even marked as permanently closed? That kind of thing could be tough for a business — if the threat […]

New Malware Threat Targets Internet Routers

A new malware called VPNFilter has managed to infect over 500,000 routers around the world. “The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned consumers to reboot their Internet routers and install new software patches, to fight a nasty new malware attack called VPNFilter that has so far infected about half a million devices in more than 50 […]

Tech Savvy Ideas for Grads, AND Dads!

It’s that time again! Whether you are in the market for a great and fun gift for a graduation or for Father’s Day, read on… If your graduate is finishing high school or departing their college campus with a degree in hand, they deserve a little something for their hard work.  Below are a number […]

Facebook. To Share, or Not To Share.

Last month Facebook appeared in the news for weeks.  Due to a firm by the name of Cambridge Analytica which collected data from 50+ million Facebook users, it is believed that the company supposedly used this information to influence voter behavior during the US presidential election and UK’s Brexit campaign. We all know that Facebook […]

Think Before You Click – Are Short Links Safe?

Short links, or links that have been condensed so they require fewer characters, have been around for a while. For those not already familiar with them, they take a link such as this https://www.bryley.com/2018/04/05/4-options-for-discarding-old-hardware-bryley-tips/, and turn it into this http://ow.ly/SEga50h2XWW.  Typically you see them on social media platforms such as Twitter, where you have a […]

Gavin and Cathy Livingstone, owners of Bryley Systems Inc., Participate in the 2018 Clinton Middle School Science Fair

Gavin and Cathy Livingstone, owners of Bryley Systems Inc., Participate in the 2018 Clinton Middle School Science Fair On April 13th, Bryley Systems was honored to be part of the third annual Clinton Middle School Science Fair.  As members of the Science Fair Committee, Cathy and Gavin Livingstone assisted in the planning and implementation of […]