Why Invest in a UPS?

UPS stands for uninterruptible power supply. This electrical device is meant to provide a power supply in the event of a power outage or when the power input fails.

Power outages can result from electrical poles being damaged by storms, traffic accidents, fire, flood and other disasters.  Faults in the grid or power plant can also cause blackouts.  We cope with these inconveniences but our computers, unfortunately, just are not hardwired to cope with them in the same way.  Sudden power loss during data transfers can be damaging making the hard drive inaccessible.

Computers can be fragile pieces of machinerySevere damage can occur with a sudden power outage or fluctuation.  Components in a computer such as a hard drive can be affected and data can even get lost when power goes off and you have not properly shut down your computer.  It is especially damaging to the computer’s hard drive when there is power interruption.  When power is suddenly cut off, your hard drive spins down without being shut down properly.  When power comes back and you restart, you may find that much of your work has been lost. When power is restored, it is often accompanied by fluctuations which may turn your computer off again.  Hard drives can only take so much, and in some cases, computers can be destroyed. To protect your computer’s hard drive from these unfortunate scenarios, you need to plug your computer into an electrical device called a UPS system.

Right at the moment of a power blackout, these handy devices will act as a battery backup power supply which will automatically provide power to your computer for enough time to allow you to save your data and properly shut down your computer.

Because the circuit in this power device continuously monitors the voltage, it can sense surges, spikes and outages. When the UPS senses an electrical problem, it switches to AC power which is generated by a battery which provides you with protection.

Ultimately, a UPS backup battery gives you peace of mind while working. You won’t have to cringe when a thunderstorm rolls through, wondering if it would be better to simply power down your machine and wait it out. In addition, you won’t have those fears in the back of your mind that a power blackout may instantly cut off your work, wasting your time and efforts, and even worse, destroy your computer.

Remember, having a plan and being prepared is your first line of defense.  If you would like more information about emergency power outage strategies please contact us at 978.562.6077or by email at  We are here to help.