Relocating Your Organization? Set Some Goals and Hire IT Experts to Help.

Moving your business in 2018?

While moving to a new location is exciting, let’s face it, there is a lot that goes into a move, and it has the potential to be very disruptive to your business.  As the moving date approaches all the little details you never even considered suddenly become insurmountable obstacles. By being proactive, you can keep all interruptions to a minimum.  Whether you are expanding or consolidating space, when you are ready to ‘make the move’ keep in mind that you should set some goals and hire some experts to help.  Proper planning can be the difference between a seamless transition or a giant disruption for your business.

Bryley Systems has worked with many clients over the years to assist them in their relocation efforts.  Here are some guidelines based on our experience:

Keep the Communication Lines Open.  Getting everyone up to speed on the details of the plan is essential and training the key personnel on what their tasks are is step 1.  Gather your team and develop a plan so that you know who is in charge of what.  Each member will need to begin working on their tasks to ensure a smooth transition.

Plan Well in Advance. Once you know you’re moving into a new office, scope out the space and decide on the layout, including where everything and everyone will go. That will allow you to plan out what your needs are as far as new office equipment goes, and give employees an opportunity to do their own planning ahead for their new space. Create a map or floor plan so that everyone knows the plan.  If you need new office equipment, allow yourself a couple months to place orders for new equipment.

It is a good idea to reach out to your IT department or service provider at this stage.  At the very least you want to make sure that you will have the necessary network access in your new environment, and they will be able to make recommendations that may inform how best to arrange the space.

Hire a Reputable Moving Company.  Plan well in advance and hire a company that is capable of moving commercial equipment. Your moving company should be held to the highest professional standard as any of your other business partners.

Clean and Toss.  Then Toss Some More!  Don’t bring things you don’t need! Shred all unnecessary papers, get rid of office furniture that has been collecting dust and sell or donate equipment that you won’t be needing anymore.  There is no point in moving things you will not need, and in today’s modern electronic age, why move heavy boxes of paper files?  Scan important documents and create a clean, organized electronic filing system.  And remember, shred those unneeded documents.  Hire a shredding company to remove all the paper so that you don’t leave your organization vulnerable to a security breach.

Get Your Staff Organized.  Have your employees pack things neatly and label everything so that your movers can swiftly put things in to place – efficiency and organization go a long way.

Be Sure to Schedule Meetings and Deadlines Realistically.  It’s very important to give your staff the appropriate time to do everything they need to do prior to the move, along with making sure they keep up with their day to day tasks. If it means creating a buffer zone for meetings, then do it.  Being ill-prepared for a meeting is a disaster so give yourself a few days or a few weeks to be fully up and running in your new location before you hit the road or have a major deadline.

Talk, Talk Talk! Tell Your Clients and Business Partners.  Reducing client concerns is a huge factor so remember to be visible and communicate to the world that you have a new office space.

Yes.  Hire IT Experts – like Bryley! When it comes to your IT hardware, you need a specialist.  You may think you are capable of handling your move internally, but before machines are powered down, they need to be backed up. New ports and connections at your new location need to be in place and ready to go before you get there with the equipment.  Setting up cabling and jacks will need to be installed by an expert to ensure your setup is correct and that your employees are as productive as possible when they arrive to work their first day at the new location. This is not an easy job, and doing it incorrectly can be very disruptive.  If your IT hardware isn’t handled properly, you risk catastrophic data loss at a volatile time for your organization.

This is also a great time to plan for the future.  If you expect to be adding personnel within a certain timeframe after moving, make sure that you bring this up with your service provider.  They can help you plan accordingly so you don’t find yourself replacing hardware you just paid them to move because it can’t handle the new demands you are making of it.

The key to a successful office move is careful planning. Moving your IT is one of the most critical tasks. You need to minimize downtime to prevent any impact on your business.  Bryley Systems has worked alongside numerous companies who needed a capable IT provider to guide them along the way.  We will meet with you, gather details, understand your business and your IT infrastructure, and plan for a seamless transition of your equipment, and work with you at your new site to trouble-shoot any challenges you have.

If you are planning a move, give us a call at 978.562.6077.  We will meet with you, gather details and plan for a seamless transition of your IT equipment. And, we will work with you at your new site to trouble-shoot any challenges you have. We also have a detailed moving guide available on our website for you to reference.


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