WRCC Ambassadors On The Move

The Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce (WRCC) Ambassadors visited the Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) Wednesday, April 5th; many brought donations, but all were there to learn about the WCFB, its purpose, and its partnership with the WRCC.

The WCFB’s mission is “To engage, educate and lead Worcester County in creating a hunger-free community.” As one of four regional centers across Massachusetts, the WCFB last year distributed 6.3 million pounds of food to 128 partner agencies, which provided 5.3 million meals to 89,000 people in need throughout the 60 cities and towns of Worcester County.


The WRCC partners with the WCFB through the Worcester Regional Food Hub, a Commercial Kitchen Incubator to enhance and support food-producer networks, workforce-development programs, and local small businesses.

Our tour of the clean, 37,000 square foot warehouse was conducted by Jean McMurray, Executive Director, who described their efforts to keep a stable, continuous supply of food while advocating for the elimination of hunger in Worcester County.

Gavin Livingstone, Chair of the WRCC Ambassador Committee, and Cathy Livingstone, WCFB Board of Directors member – joint-owners of Bryley Systems Inc. – organized and attended this event.