Bryley Basics: Apps to scan business cards into your smartphone

Melissa J. Perenson of ComputerWorld recently updated her review of seven apps in the article: “Tired of losing business cards?  With these apps, your smartphone can do the heavy lifting.

Business-card apps scan a business card via your smartphone’s camera; once scanned, the image is converted into text and then placed into the appropriate fields within a contact manager.  These apps are generally available for both Google Android-based and Apple iOS-based smartphones.

Of the seven tested, these were preferred:

  • ABBYY Business Card Reader – Free version and $9.99 full version
  • CamCard – Free version and full version from $2.99 to $11.99
  • WorldCard Mobile – Free version and $6.99 full version

CamCard’s free version worked well, but all others required the paid, full version to offer meaningful capability; it was also Ms. Perenson’s top choice.

Honorable mentions were given to ABBYY (easiest to navigate with most-accurate scans) and WorldCard (which provides International support with seven on-board languages).  Both were considered good, but not quite as good asCamCard.