Manufacturing Organizations – A Prime Target for Malicious Cyber Attacks

On May 12th, 2017, a dangerous ransomware virus named WannaCry, infiltrated thousands of computers across the globe.  Ransomware worms its way into a network, encrypts files, and locks them down until a ransom is paid. The creators of WannaCry designed the ransomware to hold business data hostage until a ransom was paid. After 3 days, the ransom would double. If it wasn’t paid within a week, the encrypted data would made non-recoverable.

These malicious attacks exploit a company’s vulnerabilities by blocking access to critical business data which leads to lost productivity, loss of earnings, and consumer trust.  Thousands of companies fell victim to the attack, including a large number of manufacturing plants.  In fact, one car manufacturer had to shut down operations to deal with the fallout.

Phishing emails and compromised websites are the most common form of cyber-attack and are often disguised as harmless attachments or documents. As manufacturing automation has evolved, the security measures used to protect business data remains obsolete. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and organizations need to be better prepared.

Why Target the Manufacturing Industry?

Manufacturers invest in machine automation to stay competitive and to be able deliver on time, but most manufacturing industries forget that as physical systems are upgraded, network security must be updated.  There is simply not enough attention being given to network security and cyber criminals will exploit an organization who have security loopholes.

Unlike the healthcare industry, manufacturing organizations don’t have the regulations for cyber security.  This “no consequence” environment allows factories to continue with little to no security practices. If security compliance was mandatory, manufacturing plants would be more diligent about updating network protection, making it more difficult for criminals to disrupt production.

There is a lot at stake within the manufacturing industry.  Factories and warehouses operate on strict production and delivery schedules.  If a cyber-attack created a halt in production, it will cause missed shipments, lost revenues and lost man hours. In addition, if one link in the supply chain is attacked, it hurts the businesses that partner with them too.  Manufacturers cannot afford any downtime which is why this industry is more likely to pay a ransom to restart production.  The problem is that there is no guarantee an organization will receive its data back, even if the ransom is paid.

How to Protect your Factory and Keep Production Running

Failure to effectively protect manufacturing networks/data often stems from a lack of awareness about cybersecurity and where the company is left exposed. Integrating proper security protocols seems like a daunting task due to the planning, reconstruction, and continuous monitoring involved.

Working with a managed service provider like Bryley Systems will remove the worry and the work involved in managing these security tasks.

Partering with Bryley Systems can tighten your network security:

We understand the manufacturing industry and can work effectively with factory owners and managers to fill in security gaps. Partnering with us will give you a focused and layered cyber security integration plan that is custom built for your organization.  Shield your manufacturing plant from a cyber-attack and put the focus back on innovation.

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