Rent Kaseya Enterprise Edition

If you like Bryley’s Comprehensive Support Program (which we manage through  Kaseya Enterprise Edition, our proactive maintenance and monitoring tool), but prefer to maintain your own Windows-based servers and workstations, you can rent Kaseya Enterprise Edition from Bryley Systems.

Kaseya Enterprise Edition includes these capabilities:

  • Patch management for Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office
  • Auditing with audit trail, software licenses, configuration management, etc.
  • Alerting of key system parameters (disk space, backups, critical events, etc.)
  • Scripting to perform proactive-maintenance tasks (defrags, disk cleanup, etc.)
  • Remote control with Chat and FTP
  • Reporting (both on-demand and scheduled)

Visit for details and a free download.

Kaseya Enterprise Edition provides a dashboard view of vital statistics, but also displays detailed information on all hardware components, software items, serial numbers, and settings.  It runs as a non-intrusive agent, feeding information back to Bryley’s Kaseya server at our data center in Hudson, MA.

You can rent our tool on a monthly basis.  You will receive a Web-based console, available anywhere you can get an Internet connection, which is dedicated to your equipment and is completely secure.

Bryley will setup your private, secure console and provide a remote training and support.  With this intuitive tool, once you install the agents on your Windows-based servers and workstations, you can easily get started deploying scripts to maintain equipment, remote control to your user desktops, and fix problems remotely without leaving your office.

For more information, please call 978.562.6077.  Or, e-mail