IF you Recognize these Signs, THEN it’s Time to Outsource your IT

It’s Time to Outsource your IT!

Do you Recognize these Signs?

Small business owners have to keep their budgets tight. It’s a fact of life. In today’s competitive world, decisions become difficult when it comes to hiring specialized positions – especially within IT departments.

IT is such an important topic because of the critical need to keeping your organization running efficiently and safely. There are technical challenges to overcome. For example, have you determined what hardware and software best fits your business needs? How will you manage all of this internally? Are you prepared to handle a data security breach?

When it comes IT support, it may seem advantageous to hire an IT Manager or CTO internally to maintain tight control over these functions. However, keeping these functions in-house may not be the best option for your budget.

According to recent research by CompTIA (the IT Industry Association), the most proactive approach is turning to a managed IT service provider. By doing so, your costs can be reduced by nearly 50%. Since managed IT service providers offer certified engineers with a wide range of capabilities, studies show that they will outperform your in-house team at a lower overall cost. Discovering this after an issue arises could put your organization at greater risk.

Take a look at our tips on when it may be time to begin outsourcing your IT:

  1. Staying Focused on Your Priorities. By outsourcing your IT you will be less likely to be sidetracked putting out fires. You can focus on priorities such as supporting your customers without having to deal with interruptions like trouble-shooting software, hardware, network, or user issues. There are major issues that can occur such as a breach to your firewall which threatens data, or your VPN failing, or disruptions in your VoIP phone service. Ask yourself, are you really prepared to handle these issues? And why would you want to? Offloading your IT support and leaving it in the hands of ‘experts’ will save you time, money, and frustration.
  2. Cost Management. Keeping an office running efficiently and safely with just one full-time computer expert on your staff is nearly impossible. The average help desk or systems admin personnel expenses can quickly add up to big dollars especially when you have to keep certifications current and training up-to-date. The main reason to outsource IT is to lower your costs by only paying for what you need, when you need it.
  3. The Need For Reliable IT Experts. The world of technology is always changing. If you don’t currently have the proper IT resources available, the symptoms of an IT problem may be bandaged but never addressed at the root. This leaves your technology in a break-fix cycle that is never ending. Having an outsourced IT provider will give you peace of mind and expert guidance. Your dedicated Managed IT Services Provider will understand your environment, make appropriate recommendations, and manage your infrastructure to avoid frustration, lost time and wasteful spending.
  4. Offloading Security Worries. There are many areas of IT security that challenge business owners. There is spam filtering, virus scanning, firewall management, data backup, and more. These tasks can be overwhelming and deciding what to do first can be confusing. By putting all of this in the hands of a managed IT service provider, they will have the time, talent, and resources to handle it. They will have the familiarity with the best tools available, and the experience to prioritize the tasks for you. Shifting the burden to meet standards and security requirements for your organization will allow you to sleep at night.

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