How Bryley becomes an extension of you…

Bryley has something pretty special that seems to be missing from many other IT Companies.

It’s not about the number of Microsoft Experts we employ or the multiple Product Certifications they hold across company departments (but if you ask, we have those too). What we have that’s different is hard to measure, even though it can be designated in numbers. 5 years, 10 years, even 20 years! These are numbers that you’ll see from not only our long-term clients, but also our employees!

I have worked at Bryley full time for almost 8 years, much more if you count the years when I worked as an intern throughout High School and College. Many of the clients that I interact with are the same ones whose records I used to file away as an intern more than 10 years ago. We’re not interested in adding clients and employees for a year and then parting ways as friends. We’re looking to build relationships with you, both personally and professionally, so that together we can grow and succeed.

As a result of our long-lasting relationships with our clients, we are better able to address the technical issues they experience. We learn customized details about a company or user and create Client-Specific Documentation that allows a quick resolution for both Bryley and the end user. Sure, we could swoop in, fix something easily and be heralded as a hero for the day. But we prefer to go above and beyond the mere fix.

We enjoy being able to teach our willing clients what we’re doing. This reduces the urgency and the sometimes overwhelming stress that comes with a computer issue or technical request. End users can sometimes resolve issues on their own using the documentation we provide, lessons learned from a remote session, or just by receiving a few screenshots from one of our techs. The satisfaction and often faster resolution the client gets from fixing their own problem, well… that moment goes a little further than a Superman cape for an afternoon.

Our team has grown over the years and in that time the Tech team has learned how to best take care of our clients. The process starts with me: “Hi! Michelle here!” Whether you call in, send an email, or enter a ticket on our Bryley Portal, you will most likely get your first response from me. During this initial intake I obtain as many details about the issue as I can from you – the client. The information I gather includes a detailed problem description, screen shots, symptoms, and passwords. Then, I will have you install Kaseya, our remote access tool. If time permits, I may even remote in right away and see for myself what’s going on. In a perfect world, and if the problem is easy enough, I’ll take care of it right then and there for you. If I can’t, all the details of my call with you will be entered into your service ticket, and I will schedule a tech to remote in or go onsite to resolve the issue. My objective is to make life that much easier for you – and for our Techs, too.

We believe that our company’s long-term success – we’re celebrating 30 years in business – lies in our ability to strengthen and support this network of relationships in a way that advances the best interests of everyone. Bryley specializes in more than just IT support. We provide a broad range of Managed IT Services and Managed Cloud Services. We’re committed to understanding you and your business needs before recommending or implementing a solution. Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality technical and strategic computer support after taking your unique business needs into consideration. Our approach is simple. We strive to earn your trust and we value our clients – you.

To see how our tech team can help your organization, call us at 844.449.8770 or email us at