More ergonomics from Marty Reed

Marty Reed of Top Enterprise, an ergonomics specialist, visited Bryley early in September for a demonstration on proper ergonomics.  She then visited our cubicles and made individual recommendations.

Her overall suggestions included:

  • Monitor:
    • Set distance at one arm-length from body to monitor.
    • Set height so eyes focus at about 2” below top of monitor.
  • Keyboard:
    • Use wrist rests to get hands up and over keyboards.
    • Keyboard should lay flat on the desktop; do not tilt up back.
  • Chair:
    • Use chair arms periodically to rest arms.
    • Forearms and thighs should be parallel to the ground.
    • Adjust for lower-back support or add a lumbar-support device.
  • General:
    • Look away into the distance at least every hour to reduce eye strain.
    • Get up from your workstation periodically and walk around.

For details, Marty can be reached at