Bryley Basics: Scammer

We received a seemingly legitimate email from professing to square-away the ownership use of our domains, and, in China; the email was marked “urgent” and came with a person’s name, business address, etc.

I queried Mike Carlson, our CTO, who gave this reply:  “No serious problems, but certainly a scam. If you reply you will be offered the opportunity to register the domains along with other overpriced services.

Google search of “” finds a couple well-written articles that indicate that this ygdns group has been doing this for a while, and if you respond take the extra step of calling. The calls are of the type “This needs to be fixed today!”; hoping to get a “yes” from whomever answers the phone by stressing the perceived urgency.

Note the fact that it was sent…with “Please forward… …this is urgent” line. Any legitimate registrar conducting a legally or procedurally required inquiry would send the request directly to you, to me, or our shared network operations mailbox. These are the publicly-available addresses associated with the and registrations. I’ve checked my mailbox, junk mail folder, and done the same on the network operations mailbox. Nothing from this company.”

So, we did not respond to any inquiries from and advise the same to all.