Bryley Basics: Microsoft Windows is not as vulnerable as Apple OS or Linux

Due to their size and complexity, it is difficult to completely secure a computer operating system, which leaves them vulnerable to attack.  With the number of reported hackings, most might consider Microsoft Windows to be extremely vulnerable, but Windows actually ranked less vulnerable than Apple Mac OS X, Apple iOS, and Linux.

This ranking was made by GFI Software in 2014, which reviewed popular operating systems and the number and rating of reported vulnerabilities.  GFI reported these top-5 results:

  1. Apple Mac OS X – 147 vulnerabilities; 64 High, 64 Medium, and 16 Low
  2. Apple iOS – 127 vulnerabilities; 32 High, 72 Medium, and 23 Low
  3. Linux – 119 vulnerabilities; 24 High, 74 Medium, and 12 Low
  4. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 – 38 vulnerabilities; 26 High and 12 Medium
  5. Microsoft Windows 7 – 36 vulnerabilities; 25 High and 11 Medium

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, however, was ranked as the most-vulnerable application followed by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Flash Player, and Oracle’s Java.

See the article from Swati Khandelwal of The Hacker NewsWindows?  NO, Linux and Mac OS X Most Vulnerable Operating System in 2014.