Bryley Basics: Improve the battery life of your mobile device

Unfortunately, batteries degrade; they wear down with time.  Fortunately, here are some steps you can take to keep them working longer.

1.) Charging habits:

  • Unplug when charged – If the device says full charge; believe it, and unplug.
  • Don’t store at full charge – Wait a minute after charging before power-down.
  • Don’t discharge – Discharging a modern battery does not help; it is better to charge more often in short bursts than to discharge.

2.) Environmental concerns:

  • Keep it cool – Think room temperature or below, but well above freezing.
  • Let it breathe – When possible, keep the air flowing around the device.

3.) Device-specific features and tools:

  • Reduce the power-grabbing features on your mobile device:
    • Brightness – Dim it as the default; brighten only as needed.
    • Sleep mode – If you’re not using it, give the device some downtime.
    • Shut-off unneeded services – Enable GPS tracking only when required.
  • Use apps to automate battery maintenance:
    • Calibrate – Setup baseline status.
    • Monitor – Set alerts to warn of issues.
    • Automate – Automatically hibernate power hungry apps with Greenify (Android), Normal (iOS), and Carat (Android and iOS).

Please review the article Top 10 ways to improve battery life on your phone or laptop by Melanie Pinola of lifehacker.