A (mostly) true tale: The Company We Keep (or From Buses to Beer)

Cathy and Gavin Livingstone, owners of Bryley Systems, a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) ranked in the top 500 MSPs worldwide, went to dinner with friends.  While entering the restaurant, a WRTA (Worcester Regional Transit Authority) bus drove by; Gavin said to the couple: “Hey, that’s our client!”

The couple was impressed.

During the meal, the couple mentioned that they were planning a retirement party at a golf club. Again, Gavin said: “Hey, that’s our client!”

The couple was extremely impressed.

When the drinks were served, Gavin held up his glass of Spencer Trappist Ale and said: “Hey, that’s our client!”

The couple was speechless.  Finally, the husband lifted his glass and replied: “Bless the Trappists for this great beer and kudos to Bryley for keeping the abbey online!”

Another possible interpretation: After a drink at the club, better take the bus home.