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Windows 10 End-of-Life is October 14, 2025. That means Microsoft will stop providing security patches then – leaving Win10 devices vulnerable. Why wait to make a plan for the inevitable move to Windows 11?

In the past year-and-a-half Microsoft has made Windows 11 more stable and usable. And most critically, Windows 10 support – that is, providing security patches – is ending. So this means in October 2025, it will become unsafe to use devices running Windows 10.

Now is the ideal time to create a plan for migration, including performing an audit of devices: some will be able to be upgraded and some will need to be sunsetted. Also Windows 11’s compatibility with legacy software and hardware must also be assessed and addressed.

What are the dangers of running an unpatched OS?

Here are three to consider:

  • Criminals wait for this – An operating system – like all software – always has vulnerabilities. Attackers are also always looking to exploit these. After October 14, 2025 Windows 10 will not receive security patches, and an unpatched OS opens systems up to criminal exploit.
  • There really is no standing still – Attack methods evolve over time. And new OSes are crafted in a newer digital world to meet the newer challenges. Windows 11 has enhanced security features and technologies, including easier-to-use MFA, more secure password and passwordless implementations, improved firewalls, and in Windows 11 machines a built-in zero-trust scheme1.
  • Compatibility with other security software – Newer, supported OS versions bring improved compatibility with the latest security software and hardware like antivirus, anti-malware, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems – staying up-to-date with the OS allows you to have the highest level of protection.

Bryley can help you get this done

To protect your organization from the threats that will come with Windows 10 end-of-life, Bryley can help you identify outdated software on your systems and help you with a plan to address these vulnerabilities. Bryley can also help you with a plan to communicate with and train your employees, so that the transition to Win11 is not too disruptive.

Contact Bryley by the form, below, or at or 978.562.6077 x2 if you would like help migrating your organization to Windows 11 before the product’s end-of-life, to help your organization continue to have a sound cyber-defense.

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