Google moves Postini spam-filtering into Google Apps

Google purchased Postini in 2007 to provide spam-filtering and related security and compliance services to Google enterprise-services clients; they initially branded Postini under Google Messaging, but have now integrated Postini into Google Apps for Business.  They will retire the Postini brand name in 2013.


Users of Google Message Security (spam filtering) will be transitioned into Google Apps for Business; Google Message Discovery (spam filtering with archiving) users will be transitioned into Google Apps for Business and Google Vault.


Pricing will stay the same for users of spam filtering and archiving.  Those that expand into other Google Apps for Business services (like Google Drive or Gmail) will see a price increase on their next renewal date.


The announcement from Google’s Adam Sawes, Product Manager – Google Apps, is at Continuing the transition from Postini to Google Apps.  For additional information please visit the Postini Transition Resource Center provided by Google.


Our belief: While Google will continue to provide Postini to customers under the Google Apps for Business banner, they will recommend migrating to other services within Google Apps for Business and will make it harder to remain Postini-centric within the Google Apps world.