Letter from mass.gov breach notifications list

A redacted letter from Massachusetts’ 2023 breach notifications database. You don’t want to end up having to send one of these to your clients, vendors and employees.

How do you know it’s working?

Does it make sense to question your cybersecurity approach only after it’s too late?

Many times we only find out something isn’t working after it fails. When you’re talking about cybersecurity, the costs of failure are astronomical. It’s when we have to write a letter like the one above that’s from the growing list at mass.gov/archive/data-breach-notification-letters, that we learn there were flaws in our cybersecurity.

Instead, have you considered a cybersecurity check today – before there’s trouble – by an outside third-party, to verify that the measures you’ve invested in are sound and doing their job?

Most businesses have some cybersecurity controls in place (if you don’t, you really ought to – we’re in a cyberwar). But every system needs a safeguard, a way to verify that what your IT team has built is sound and doing its job.

Bryley’s Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check

  1. Email Security Evaluation (the most critical area to verify; in 2023 90% of breaches happen through email, per security expert Candid Wüest of Dataversity.)
  2. Patch and Updates Testing (how up-to-date with security fixes are your business’ software products?)
  3. Redundancy Analysis (testing data integrity; fault tolerance of your RAID array, UPS, M365 Backups, etc.)
  4. Credential Analysis (looking for both current weak credentials and already-exposed credentials)

Bryley will present the findings in an up-to-one-hour session and provide a report for your use afterwards.

Are your defenses where they should be to minimize the chance of a breach?

Find out with Bryley Systems’ Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check $499, Business Expo Special (a $1200 value). This special price is valid through April 30, 2023. Sign up below or call Roy Pacitto at 978.562.6077 x217 or email him at RPacitto@Bryley.com

Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check; Reserve the $499 ($1200 value) Business Expo Special Price

Submitting the form, below, by April 30, 2023 will reserve the special offer for the following Systems Quality Check: 1 Email security evaluation, 2 Patch and updates testing, 3 Redundancy analysis and 4 Credential analysis; as well as an up-to-one-hour findings session and a copy of Bryley's report for your use. Conditions apply – see the sidebar, at right.

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In order to honor the Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check, Bryley requires the following conditions be fulfilled by you:

Allow at least thirty minutes of your time for pre-process, IT-related questions

Admin login credentials for server and/or Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (G-Suite) or other email service

On-site assessment permission and facilitation

Permission for Bryley to install its agent on your server

Allow at least one hour of your time to review Bryley’s findings