Poor password managementSeventy percent of hacking-related breaches are due to stolen or weak passwords. 1 A single layer of security such as a password is no longer enough to keep your business from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Bryley Password Manager is a comprehensive solution that streamlines your identity and access challenges without sacrificing user convenience or productivity. Bryley Password Manager enforces stringent user identity verification and blocks unauthorized access to your data using two complementary strategies: Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign-On.

Multi-factor Authentication

Passwords alone can’t safeguard your business systems and data, so Bryley Password Manager takes a multi-layered, preventive approach. It has your employees validate their identity and access permissions via multiple unique factors (e.g. via both email and text message). And Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) slashes the risks associated with exploited passwords — most hackers are not investing the resources to crack both forms of security. In fact Microsoft says implementing MFA blocks 99.9% of hacks to its users’ accounts. 2

Single Sign-On

Bryley Password Manager’s Single Sign-On (SSO) empowers users with the ability to securely grant them the access they need with a single login using one set (think MFA) of credentials. Bryley Password Manager SSO’s strong encryption and authentication methods replace the password sprawl that’s resulted from the adoption of diverse Software-as-a-Service applications.

The benefits of SSO are that it enforces strong password practices, minimizes user password fatigue, and cuts the demand on tech support for frequent password resets. 3

Bryley Password Server

Bryley Password Server helps users by storing, organizing and managing the strength of the passwords they use for their logins. The password server encrypts and stores all the user passwords, so you can access and oversee the accounts as a system admin. Also you have the ability to situationally and/or automatically change users’ passwords according to a schedule. And Bryley Dark Web Monitor can alert you if a user’s credentials have been compromised, so you can change those credentials.

The Password Manager for Business

Bryley Password Manager gets your organization the level of password security you need to be protected from cyberthreats. It’s a complete solution, integrating MFA and SSO, that doesn’t compromise the productivity and flexibility of users. Designed for business, it includes robust admin oversight. And all credential-related tasks can be automated and streamlined to both reduce risk and the demands on your tech support team.

Bryley has the expertise and tools to lessen the risk your organization will suffer an incident due to poor credentials. Bryley can customize the Password Manager to your unique security and access requirements. So don’t let your organization be an easy mark, equip it with the right defense.

Bryley Systems has been a trusted adviser in securing tech since 1987. For a demo or more information about Bryley’s approach to password management, please call 978.562.6077 or email ITExperts@Bryley.com.

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2 https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-using-multi-factor-authentication-blocks-99-9-of-account-hacks/

3 Admins spend twenty-seven hours a year per hundred users to resolve access problems, per Enterprise Management Associates 2019 report