Bryley's Clinton offices

Bryley’s headquarters since 2017 in Clinton, Massachusetts

Since 1987 when Bryley was incorporated, the world looks different: we now have immersive virtual reality, AI that converses with us and cell phones that have more computing power than 1980s mainframes.

Looking back on thirty-five years, who can deny that the ubiquity of the internet has been the big game-changer for us all? How can we estimate the value of our new-found ability to time-travel – to instantly be in each other’s presence – even across the globe? And imagine the pandemic without that connectivity?

Bryley’s past trajectory might be summed up by noting its shift in work-emphasis. Originally we created and deployed network infrastructure. Now the bulk of our work is managing, optimizing and securing the network infrastructure we deploy, while providing peace-of-mind by securing our clients’ organizations’ data from unlawful exposure.

Bryley’s aim for its future is to guide its clients securely through changing tech to secure, enhance and advance their organizations. Following is a recap of events that reveal Bryley’s consistent development to take care of its clients as technologies have changed:

  1. 1986 Bryley (under its earlier name MicRoMec [the Bryley name was adopted in ’87]) installed its first Novell Netware network. This was only a few years into the very existence of Local Area Networks of PCs.
  2. 1991 Bryley’s Main St, Hudson, Mass headquarters opened, where we stayed and expanded upstairs and sideways until we outgrew the building. As a point-of-reference ’91 was the year 14.4 kbps dial-up modems were first available.
  3. 1994 Bryley introduced managed IT services: Bryley used after-hours, modem-to-modem connections to monitor our client’s servers and provided hand-typed status reports. And for context: ’94 was the start of AOL floppy discs then CDs being everywhere (in stores, everyone’s mailbox frequently, in the newspaper, in magazines, in boxes of cereal).
  4. 1997 Bryley achieved the Microsoft Certified Partner designation. Also in this year Bryley installed its first instance of a Microsoft Windows NT Server network. In later Windows Server iterations, the NT (which stood for New Technology) would be dropped. This was the same year Sergei Brin and Larry Page registered the name
  5. 1998 Bryley became an HP Business Partner to resell and support HP products.
  6. 2000 Bryley debuted its first cloud services: Bryley hosted a client’s server at our data-center with a Virtual Private Network between the server and the client’s employees. 2000 was the year that Apple introduced its Unix-based Darwin Operating System that became the basis for the ipod, iphone, Apple Watch, etc. And this was the year the world didn’t end due to a bug in computer code.
  7. 2001 Bryley achieved the designation Cisco Select Partner.
  8. 2005 Bryley added Kaseya’s remote monitoring tool that gave us a much-improved set of remote network and device management tools. Verizon debuted its FiOS fiber-optic-to-the-premises service – an important development in the distribution of broadband internet access.
  9. 2007 Mike Carlson became Bryley’s CTO. Mike continues to engineer and oversee Bryley’s local- and wide-area network design. This was the same year the iphone debuted.
  10. 2008 Bryley introduced a cloud-based Backup and Data Recovery (BU/DR) service. Bryley became a VMWare partner. Due to the rising popularity of digital photography, Cambridge-based Polaroid closed.
  11. 2009 Bryley launched its Comprehensive Support Program to fully embody for its clients their outsourced IT department.
  12. 2014 Bryley named #440 on the MSP 501 list, a list of the top 501 Managed IT Service Providers worldwide. (Bryley has retained its annual ranking in this prestigious listing through 2022.)
  13. 2016 Roy Pacitto became VP Business Development and Marketing. This year augmented-reality game Pokemon Go was all over the place.
  14. 2017 Bryley moved its headquarters to a modernized, 1937 post office in Clinton, Mass. Bryley also named Top IT Service Provider in The Boston Business Journal and the Worcester Business Journal. Fortnite was released, well-known for causing anxiety in Red Sox fans.
  15. 2018 Bryley named one of thirty 360 Degree Channel Partners in the world.
  16. 2019 Kristin Pryor was named Director of Services/Delivery.
  17. 2021 Garin Livingstone became Bryley’s President and Anna Darlagiannis-Livingstone was named VP of Client Services and Administration.
Spring in Hudson

12 Main St in Hudson, Massachusetts, Spring 2015

Garin Livingstone’s new leadership is embodied by a youthful enthusiasm for technology and deep commitment to Bryley’s mission to help clients have a peace-of-mind relationship with technology. Garin said, “I explore the bleeding-edge of tech. That means I get to see the benefits and pitfalls of new approaches sometimes before they get to market. By seeing what’s coming up ahead I can help clients safely deploy current tech that will contribute to their businesses’ progress. Throughout the years every tech development meant to make our lives easier also brings challenges. Bryley’s role is to thoroughly vet all these developments to bring organizations safely through the tech landscape.”

This little history of Bryley could not have been written without the help of its long-term employees Garin Livingstone (who’s been with Bryley fourteen years), Anna Darlagiannis-Livingstone (twelve years), Michelle Denio (fourteen years), Roy Pacitto (twenty-seven years), Scott Gold (twenty-one years), Mike Carlson (twenty-three years), Terry Tengler (eight years), Joan Lunman (seven years), Audrey Baker (seven years) and Carol Misulis (six years).

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