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Reliably recover from an incident with Bryley Backup and Data Recovery for Salesforce

Bryley Backup and Data Recovery (BU/DR) for Salesforce supports the integrity of your data

Bryley BU/DR for Salesforce secures and preserves your data with assured restoration if there’s accidental deletion or an attack. Bryley considers reliable, secure and available backups the most essential part of any business continuity program.

Salesforce advises backup

Salesforce advises backing up1. Bryley’s solution is robust – allowing you to retrieve lost data fast and easily. Ask for a demo.

Salesforce Backup

There’s a misconception that Salesforce guarantees your data. The fact is they stand behind the stability of their infrastructure (with uptime guarantees) – they are not liable for your data.

Bryley BU/DR for Salesforce tracks your document changes in Salesforce, secures the data and creates encrypted, replicable versions at a tier-three data center. This is a true incremental-change backup on a different server. So if something happens to make your data unavailable at Salesforce, you’re still in good shape.

It’s tempting to no longer practice good data-hygiene, but instead trust in a big cloud business. But doesn’t that sound like a recipe for trouble? Organizations need to treat the Salesforce cloud servers with the same sense of self-preservation they would if the servers were in their own building. That means continuing to follow the 3-2-1 policy – three copies at two locations and one off-site. Imagine keeping the only copies of your company’s data at Salesforce and that data’s hit by ransomware, you will not be able to get anything back. The cloud provider is selling convenience and so has made it appealing and easy for users to be negligent.

Think of a cloud-service provider like renting an apartment. The apartment association and management office take care of the infrastructure … the roof, the walls, the plumbing — if a pipe bursts they’ll fix it. But they’re not going to replace your TV or pearls or anything like that. They don’t want that kind of liability. As far as Salesforce is concerned, they stand behind their infrastructure.

Bryley Backup for Salesforce backs up your data, metadata, attachments, customizations (including Lightning Experience customizations) and Chatter messages. It works natively within Salesforce.

So protect your data assets on a cloud server like you would the server in your building, by putting a highly-available backup copy on a different server. This is a backup with which your employees can work if the main service is disrupted. Read the Bryley BU/DR for Cloud Services specs here.

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1 https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=000386692&type=1

Business Continuity Pyramid

Salesforce and Bryley Backup for Salesforce are part of the Bryley Business Continuity Pyramid
Business continuity is the planning and process by which organizations maintain operation, not severely disrupted by a disaster or other unwanted incident.

Bryley Backup for Salesforce At-A-Glance

  • Comprehensive Salesforce data protection with no limits on storage, versions and durations
  • Back up your data using your own encryption keys
  • Restore data and metadata from any point-in-time backup
  • Recover specific fields of a record, or entire records that were updated or deleted

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