K Pryor

Vice President of IT Operations Kristin Pryor

Achievement Brings Elite Email Security Solution to Bryley Clients

Mimecast is considered among the IT industry’s best email protection systems1. With Kristin Pryor’s recent certification in Mimecast’s deployment and her knowledge about how it can be effectively integrated with Bryley’s security stack, she can advise Bryley clients when they should include Mimecast as part of their defenses.


Mimecast is a leading email security solution. With Kristin Pryor’s certification, Bryley is able to offer this tool for better protection of its clients’ data.

Mimecast Certification includes a demonstrated understanding of the threat landscape that Mimecast is especially good at defending against. IT teams find many competing solutions available in the marketplace. To recommend and support a security stack, these solutions have to not only work well but work well together. They must also solve problems cost-effectively; Mimecast is an enterprise-grade solution that should be considered within the context of an overall IT budget.

With Kristin’s Mimecast Certification, Bryley attains the knowledge and skills to implement and manage a Mimecast environment. Certification through Mimecast means Kristin can guide clients to get the most out of their investment to achieve the best ROI.

1 Among its recent recognition is Best Email Security Solution 2023, SC Media