July 8, 2018 – Math 2.0 Day

The world runs on numbers and mathematics. Without mathematics, we would not have buildings or cars or airplanes or the TV or even the device you are reading this on.

Indeed, math is the basis of almost all science and technology. This unofficial holiday is thought to have been created in 2009 and is a celebration of math and technology.

It brings together mathematicians, innovators, educators, and policy makers around the world and aims to raise awareness about the importance of math literacy and education, both at the school and college level.


How to Celebrate?

  • Spend the day solving some mathematical problems and telling math jokes.
  • Many companies and universities organize Math 2.0 events. Attend one of these events and learn more about the intersection of mathematics and technology.

Did You Know…

…that the word mathematics comes from the Greek word, máthēma, which means knowledge or to learn?


If you are a mathematical genius, a technology guru, or just want to laugh about those memories of school days gone by and the dreaded math class, get out and celebrate July 8th!  It’s Math 2.0 Day!