Smooth SmailingJust as a business relies on email to do its work, it needs to make sure its email service is uninterrupted; and to maintain the information in its emails. The fact is there’s actually a lot going on under email’s hood, including managing data load, the constancy of spam and phishing attempts, unexpected service and power interruptions and unplanned needs to find information within the mass of emails. All these can challenge business managers and employees.

You and your employees shouldn’t have to think about what goes on under the hood — email should just always work.

Get a Gateway to Your Mail Server

To achieve always on, always available email Bryley recommends a cloud-hosted email security gateway. An email gateway sits between your company’s servers (or Office 365 or Gmail account) and people sending you email. It provides continuous on-demand access to your email from any location — even in the event of a network or server outage.

Sophos Reflexion, Bryley’s chosen partner in email gateway implementation, is built with a series of in-depth defenses against unwanted mail ever getting to your staff’s email boxes. The service also offers robust outbound processes to ensure viruses are not being unknowingly transmitted, and safeguards against your IP address being blacklisted (blacklisting leads to external servers rejecting your organization’s outbound emails).

As an example, when Office 365 went out November 19 for about three and a half hours1. Reflexion users were able to log into a web client and continue their email communications uninterrupted — without down-time, mail queuing, or sender bounce-back messages. Things happen to computer servers, whether they’re on premises or in the cloud; you need to make sure you have a failover like Reflexion.

Unless Your Mail Server’s Got Issues, No One Will Know

Reflexion is straightforward to deploy and operates as an unobtrusive gateway to your existing network. Your staff will not be aware of its presence (unless there’s a mail server problem and then they can log in to the Reflexion web client to continue working). Inbound and outbound emails are typically held on the Reflexion server for fourteen days; archiving is an additional Reflexion service for long-term email storage. Let’s talk about how to best protect your email data — give Bryley a call at 978-562-6077 option 2 or email