Always-watchful security can be achieved with Bryley SOC

24/7/365 Vigilance

Bryley Security Operations Center (SOC) is a Bryley Partner Cloud Service that Watches Over Your Cybersecurity to Help You Achieve Compliance

Scenario: A manufacturer supplies its product to a national brand and that brand has requested a Vendor Security Assessment.

As supply chains’ compliance tightens, as cyber-insurance coverage qualifications grow, as industry and governmental bodies increase their criteria for data privacy, consider Bryley’s SOC offering: Because Bryley SOC can monitor a business’ cybersecurity 24/7/365, threats can be identified and responded to quickly, sometimes before any harm is done. So Bryley SOC can satisfy many compliance concerns.

Bryley SOC Can Address Issues Before They Become Disruptive

New England organizations have to deal with a high volume of cyberattacks, as can be seen in the attack map from Bryley partner SonicWall. To keep these threats at bay, it is SOC analysts’ job to:

  • monitor a network, its endpoints (PCs, devices) and cloud for signs of malicious intent
  • analyze the findings
  • and remediate any found irregularities through containment and/or data restoration from backups.

Having Bryley 24-hour security-analyst oversight can cut the time until the detection of a cyberattack. Because of both the sophistication of the monitoring tools, the overview the SOC can be granted of your layered security and the expertise of the analysts, Bryley SOC can go so far as detect signs of an imminent attack. This foreknowledge cuts the time your system is in a state of risk or exploit, and so lessens the chance for an attacker to do damage.

Bryley SOC is a reliable, cost-effective, always-on IT service that supports the security of your network and data. For compliancy Bryley’s SOC monitoring is entirely US-based; it is a remote service from a Bryley partner provided to you via the Cloud, and overseen by Bryley’s Clinton techs.

Bryley SOC network supervision supports your business’ policies, procedures and governance including helping fulfill regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

Both SOC and NOC Are Available

In a SOC, security analysts protect your business from cyberattacks.

A NOC, or Network Operations Center, is comprised of network analysts skilled at optimizing your network to achieve greatest operational efficiency.

Both SOC and NOC help make sure your network is optimized for today and the future. More details are here.

Proactive, Compliant and All US

Bryley SOC brings you proactive, 24/7/365 security and faster response times for peace of mind. With Bryley SOC you can increase uptime and prevent costly disruptions so your employees can do their work and your organization can comply with requirements and regulations.

Bryley will work with you to create a customized service package that meets your unique needs and budget. For more information about Bryley SOC, please complete the form, below, call 978.562.6077 or email ITExperts@Bryley.com.

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