Tom and Roy at the Expo; Cathy

We had a great time meeting new and seeing old friends at the Corridor 9/495 Expo April 4. Representing Bryley at the expo, above, were Tom Barnes and Roy Pacitto, Gavin (behind the camera) and Cathy Livingstone.

Bryley debuted its Four-Point IT Systems Quality Check at the expo. This is a landmark bundle at a great price ($499 for $1200 a la carte services) of IT assessment tools that Bryley has produced to address the current cybersecurity climate. The program includes:

  1. Email Security Evaluation (the most critical area to verify; in 2023 90% of breaches happen through email, per security expert Candid Wüest of Dataversity.)
  2. Patch and Updates Testing (how up-to-date with security fixes is your business’ software? Unpatched software is another significant point of incursion.)
  3. Redundancy Analysis (testing data integrity; fault tolerance of your RAID array, UPS, M365 Backups, etc.)
  4. Credential Analysis (looking for both current weak credentials and already-exposed credentials)

Finally, Bryley will present the findings in an up-to-one-hour session and provide a report for your use afterwards.

Bryley is extending the discounted program through April 30. The details of the program and April 2023 pricing are here >