EthanEthan Brush has been promoted to Senior Field Technician. Ethan will be assuming more responsibilities immediately, including training new hires.

He started at Bryley earlier this year after graduating from Norwich University, a senior military college in Northfield, Vermont, an NSA-designate for Excellence in Cyber Defense. And he arrived at Bryley with programming skills that were tapped to improve Bryley’s automation. Also security is always his foremost concern when making a decision for Bryley’s clients. These are among the reasons for his promotion.

“Ethan has a way of making our clients feel comfortable,” said Ethan’s manager Kristin Pryor. “So even though he’s been here less than a year, he’s become the go-to tech for many Bryley clients.”

This new position is also an important step on Ethan’s road to achieving the engineering certification he’s working toward. And it’s an acknowledgement from Bryley’s management that he shows promise in his pursuit.

Bryley President Garin Livingstone said, “Ethan always rises to a challenge. He’s a real self-starter. Whenever we give him a project, he asks the right questions to get the project moving forward. And he gets it done on time, too.”