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Bryley Basics: How to Handle Phishing SPAM

With an uptick in cyberattacks and phishing scams, we thought it prudent to provide some tips to avoid becoming a victim: NEVER open or click on links in email unless it is a known source and you are expecting the message that contains the links (Nice work Bill). NEVER respond to an email emphasizing the […]

5 Steps to Avoid Ransomware

Coffee in hand, you’re preparing to read through your new emails as you start your day. You anticipate a productive day today. Yesterday you stayed 3 hours late to complete your big presentation, 2 days ahead of schedule, and you’re basking in the glow of the satisfaction of a difficult job well done and being […]

Top 5 Common Support Questions – Asked and Answered

Why, Why, Why? These are the questions the Bryley support team hears every day. We know the answers! 1. Why did it fail? Computers are extremely complex systems.  As complexity increases, so does the likelihood of failure.  A computer depends on many things to go right for it to work properly.  If the smallest thing […]