If This Is Week Seven It Must Be Tuesday

While most of the Bryley team works from the Clinton office, I’m physically distanced, writing at home. And as the days have grown to months in this work-from-home-if-you-can-work-from-home world, our perspectives change as our settling-in has changed us. So here’s a bit of remote work advice, for the times they are still a-changin’.

And Then There Was Pajama Day

Another Friday in April, Bryley tried out Pajama Day. And it was again a lot of fun and informative!

Roy showed his true Patriot colors (Go Stidham!). Robin wore her awesome animal slippers (does she wear those to get the mail?). Michelle brought her well-loved blanket. Cathy was all about comfort — in her cotton flannels, and toting her coffee and a bit of chocolate therapy. The Legend of Zelda hooded robe donned by Lucas was fantastic (don’t recall if Link wore plaid pajamas? well he shoulda)! And Gavin was seen dragging around a green teddy bear (that an Okie thing?).

Bryley Team Looks Back in Costumes

To bring a little levity during the crisis of the virus, the Bryley Team — essential services, so most are together at the office in Clinton, MA with some remoting — decided to have a costume day on Friday, April 3rd. The theme was ‘How About We Think About Any Other Year Besides 2020?’ And the thing actually delivered more than a few smiles and giggles around here. Here are some costume highlights: