Winner of our monthly Service-Ticket Survey drawing

Monthly, we select a winner from all respondents to our service-ticket surveys. Congratulations to SA of LPH, our survey-response winner from last month.

Our winner received a $10 gift certificate, compliments of Bryley Systems.

Cathy Livingstone recognized at Annual Meeting

Cathy Livingstone, co-owner at Bryley Systems, was recognized at the Worcester County Food Bank (WCFB) Annual Meeting as a member of the Board of Directors at the WCFB.

Cathy Livingstone is recognized at WCFB

Bryley Basics: Intel® Compute Stick

Intel released its Compute Stick; essentially, a low-end PC that can fit into the palm of your hand or mount onto a USB port on a monitor (as shown below where the Compute Stick is mounted at the top-left of the monitor). It sells for under $150.

Due to its small size and low-power use, it can be used in these (and other) areas:

  • Thin client
  • Digital signage
  • Conference room
  • Machinery control

It can be controlled remotely through a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard/mouse. There is also an Android-based application that enables control through your smartphone.


  • Windows 8.1, 32-bit in current version*
  • Atom™ processor with 2Gb RAM
  • Integrated 802.11bgn wireless
  • USB 2.0 with a Micro SD slot
  • Must be powered externally

*Also available with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

We put it through its paces and found it slow, but adequate for low-end tasks. Its best feature is the small size, which can fit most anywhere.

Windows 10 Intel Compute Stick

Can Windows 10 revitalize the PC?

With the introduction of Windows 10 this summer past, Microsoft (and its PC vendors like HP, Inc., Dell, Lenovo, etc.) are hoping for a significant surge in the sales of Windows-based desktops, notebooks, and tablets. However, the results to date have been modest at best.

Microsoft seems to have done a good job with Windows 10:

  • The update process is free (for a year), reasonably easy (for individuals, but not as much for organizations), and somewhat user-friendly. Also, updates are now “continuous”, mimicking the operating system-update policies of competitors Google and Apple. 1
  • Windows 10 is more secure with enhanced security features and improved look/touch login via Windows Hello.
  • There are new, useful features like Cortana (voice-activated assistant) and Edge (Internet browser replacing the old Internet Explorer).
  • Microsoft added built-in apps like Maps, Photos, Groove, Movies & TV, etc.
  • There are many, new, mostly free apps by third-party developers. 2
  • Reset and Refresh have been optimized for SSD drives.3
  • Some of the wrongs with Windows 8 (ie: no Start Menu) are now righted.

Windows is also somewhat of a player in mobile devices with increasing sales in Microsoft Surface (now a $1B business) and Lumina phones (purchased from Nokia), which contributes about $2B quarterly. (Although growing, these sales represent only 3% of the sales of mobile devices worldwide.) 4

These improvements seem to be part of Microsoft’s two-part mission:

  • Have Windows 10 run across as many devices and screens as possible, and
  • Make consumers love Windows 10, rather than just need it.

On the positive side:

  • Microsoft reports that Windows 10 is installed on over 110M devices to date.
  • Gartner predicts that Windows 10 installations will eclipse Windows XP and Windows 7 by 2019.

However, Windows is losing market share (and has been for some time) to other mobile devices like smartphones and tablets; there are over 2B people running Google Android or Apple iOS-based devices compared to about 1.5B running Microsoft Windows. 5

Another troubling trend: Although PC ownership is relatively stable among adults (at about 73%), PC ownership among 18 to 29 year olds dropped from 89% in 2012 to 78% in 2015. (This may change as these younger folk enter the workforce and require a full-sized keyboard and large or multiple monitors.) 6

Basically, Windows 10 is off to a good start, but only time will tell if the Windows franchise will retain its powerhouse status.


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Winner of our CMBE raffle

Winner of our CMBE raffle

We held a raffle at our booth at the Central Mass. Business Expo (CMBE) in Worcester on November 5th. Richard Tienhaara II (pictured below), from Aaron Industries Corp., won the prize; a Runtastic fitness-tracking bracelet.

Winner of Bryley's 2015 CMBE Raffle