Frank Walek

Could it have been Princess Leia backing up her message to an R2 unit that set Star Wars fan Frank Walek on his career course?

Frank Walek runs all the backups for every Bryley client. Changes at Bryley, including a retirement, created a new opportunity for Frank: the timing coincided with Bryley’s broader deployment of new backup technology. Frank said, “that was exciting. I got to take on and really oversee the backup project, including the transition from older technology.”

And then I had to deploy thirty more appliances

“I was given a good introduction to Bryley’s new backup system before the retirement of one of Bryley’s prime movers behind the implementation,” Frank said. “And then I had to deploy thirty more appliances. And this led to several high-level meetings with engineers to go over ‘how do we set up the client appliance to replicate the data over to Bryley’s Private Cloud so we have that 3-2-1 we always talk about?,’ ‘how do we deploy the appliances?’ And just the doing … getting the appliances out, running the backups and monitoring.”

That 3-2-1 We Always Talk About

The main goal of the 3-2-1 rule is that you end up with three different copies of your data in three different places.

In other words, this doesn’t count: three copies on one backup appliance (or on the same backup media [e.g. a single physical server with multiple virtual machines]). Backup isn’t about archiving to maintain your business’s records. Three copies is about having redundant copies of your system’s current (or near-current) state.

Two different types of media mean at least two different methods to store data are used. So your three copies might be, for example, a backup appliance, a Hyper-V virtual machine and your working, production copy.

And keeping at least one copy of data on-site means you can restore fast – and keeping at least one copy of data off-site protects it from natural disasters and many instances of possible employee error.

Dispatch Responsibilities

Along with backup oversight, Frank has now been given the opportunity to grow into a role in dispatch, being named IT Dispatch and Technician. “I started just answering Level One support calls and creating tickets when issues had to be escalated. I’ve grown under Michelle [Denio]’s mentoring and management and been given the opportunity to follow her and learn, so that I’ve become her second. She has trained me to schedule and coordinate the tech team to complete client tickets.”

Michelle said about Frank, “he’s now able to run the [scheduling] board – making sure tickets are scheduled and followed-up on. He’s a main point of contact on the phone, so a lot of clients expect to hear him on the phone. He’s facilitated a lot of MFA roll-outs the past year, which gets involved. We’re facilitating the deployment and handling user troubleshooting after the deployment.”

One of the best

“Frank is easily one of the best techs I’ve worked with; he’s a huge asset to Bryley, and in turn [our business],” said a manager at a recruiting firm. Frank attributes some of his success to Bryley’s proactive monitoring. “Lots of times we head-off issues before they become emergencies,” said Frank. “When a client server goes off-line, we can see it and reach out to clients and ask about the situation to see if they need help.”

But Frank is also good in those inevitable, panicked calls. According to Bryley President Garin Livingstone, “sometimes someone will call in and it’s a high priority and they need it fixed. And Frank is able to manage that kind of anxiety from them. He helps them know that we’re working on it. He sets expectations on timelines. Frank makes our partners feel comfortable whenever he works with them.”